Domestic Violence

Our Attorneys Can Represent You in Domestic Violence Disputes and Help You Secure Protective Orders in Austin.

Domestic violence is a serious charge in Texas, and victims can seek protective orders for themselves and their children in Austin and the surrounding communities from a court with jurisdiction. These orders can help alleviate situations where members of the same household are committing acts of assault against one another. The definition of “family household” includes many types of relationships where a protective order may be used.

protective orders in austinVictims of domestic violence can be any of the following:

• Children, spouses and former spouses.
• Grandparents and grandchildren.
• Live-in partners of either sex.
• Dating relationships such as boyfriend or girlfriend.

The acts of violence do not have to be intentional and can be reckless in nature. Even the threat of harm will qualify.

Obtaining a Protective Order

The protective order in a domestic violence case is issued by the court and requires the abuse to stop to protect the victim. In many instances it will include a prohibition of contact or communication with the victim. This order can extend to places of employment, the home, or a child’s school. The order may require specific acts by the abuser to complete an intervention program, cease transfers of property, pay child support and/or turn over any firearms. In some cases the abuser may be ordered to stay away from their own home if the victim lives there or other elements of risk are present. The specifics of the order will depend on the facts of the case which can be presented by an attorney who is experienced with obtaining protective orders in Texas courts.

Sometimes victims of family violence need immediate relief. We can assist you in presenting an ex-parte request to the court to get immediate temporary relief until a hearing may be held.

We Are Here for You

To seek a protective order in Austin you must file a petition and detail the facts of violence and abuse. Merritt Law is concerned about the widespread problem of family violence, and is ready to be your legal ally in obtaining a protective order to cease violence against you or members of your household. If you or a loved one is a victim of family violence we can help you obtain protective orders in Austin, and end the cycle of abuse.