Trust Our Austin Family Lawyers at Merritt Law With Your Family Law Matters

Merritt Law firm was founded in 1996 by Chris Merritt, an Austin family lawyer serving the surrounding Central Texas communities. Chris Merritt is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has experience in handling all types of family law cases for clients. He is an author and lecturer on family law issues and is a respected member of the Texas Bar Association in addition to other statewide and Austin professional organizations for family law specialists. This allows Chris to stay abreast of any changes in family law in Texas while offering his clients the highest level of legal advocacy.

Family law requires an attorney who understands the personal impact of divorce and other life changes for a client’s family. While we strive to minimize conflict in every case for our clients, we will not hesitate to aggressively represent your interests in court. Sometimes a strong advocate is required to make sure your future is secure and family members are protected, and Merritt Law is committed to our clients and their objectives. In many cases, divorce orders can affect one’s life and family for many years and we understand what areas are most important to you.

We achieve results with a combination of listening to our client, client communication, case management, timely responses at every stage of a case and vigorous representation of our client’s wishes. You will know how every aspect of your case is unfolding and we will consult with you on crucial decisions and actions. Family law can be complex and fluid with changes in the law and its application. We stay current on all practice areas and take our specialization seriously. You can be assured that you have the most current and informed legal representation available for your case.

Whether you are in a divorce, seeking modification of your current orders or enforcement of a child support or visitation orders, we are prepared to be your Austin family lawyers. We can assist you in formalizing agreements, in mediation and, if necessary, in contested litigation. Allow us to discuss your case in person and begin preparing whatever action is necessary to give you and your family a new beginning. Contact the Austin Family Lawyers of Merritt Law.