Schedule a Consultation with an Experienced Austin and Lake Travis Divorce Lawyer.

lake travis divorce lawyerWhen you have a family law problem, it can seem like there is no one to speak with who understands your situation. Merritt Law knows exactly what you are going through, and has represented many clients who are facing changes in their lives. Chris Merritt offers the services of an Austin, Georgetown or Lake Travis divorce lawyer who knows how to handle all aspects of marital separation, including aggressive litigation to protect your and your children’s interests. This can be a crucial moment in your and your children’s lives, and will affect your future and the resources available to you.

In a divorce planning session we will examine in detail the facts of your case, and tell you honestly what your options will be as we move forward. You will find that we are prepared to handle any aspect of family law, and Chris Merritt is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. His areas of practice include:

• Divorce / Spousal Maintenance / Child Support / Division of Property
• Modification of Court Orders / Enforcement of Court Orders
• Premarital Agreements / Postnuptial Agreements
• Collaborative Law
• Adoptions
• Domestic Violence Cases

In every case, we treat our clients with respect and understanding, while fighting to ensure that your personal and property rights are protected. The outcome of every family law case is important to create the conditions that you will live with, whether following a divorce, enforcement of support orders or the addition of a child through adoption. We are committed to working toward the result that you need to begin a new life, and will communicate with you at every stage on the progress of your case.

Merritt Law is aware that you are concerned about attorney fees, and in our divorce planning session will discuss with you how much your case may cost based on our estimate of the time involved. We may recommend processes such as mediation and collaborative law, which can be cost effective and avoid lengthy court trials. Our fee structure is based on fairness and the level of legal expertise that we offer to our clients.

We would like to discuss your case in person, and urge you to contact us for an appointment. In many family law cases, timing is important, and it we don’t want to miss any important deadlines or court ordered responses. Let us begin to work on your case today as a client of our firm.