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An adoption is a major step for any couple that wants to have a child, and there are specific procedures to follow in Texas. Using adoption lawyers in Austin and the surrounding communities can make this process easier, giving you the assurance that your adoption is following state guidelines. Merritt Law has a background in adoption laws and can assist you with gaining this addition to your family.

adoption lawyers in austinPrivate vs. Agency Adoptions

Texas permits both private and agency adoption, the only difference being that the agency finds the birth mother for you and then facilitates the adoption process. Of course, they charge a fee for their services. In a private adoption, you locate the birth mother yourself and then use an attorney to make sure the adoption is legal and final. The only thing an attorney cannot do is locate the birth mother for you, but that is not too difficult to accomplish on your own. You can also use a facilitator to help you locate a birth mother, and then you can complete the adoption process with your lawyer.

Open Adoptions and Termination of Parental Rights

An open adoption is where you maintain communication and contact with the birth mother. This is not required and is entirely up to the adopting parents. The other part of adoption is the mother formally terminating her parental rights, and usually would include the consent of the birth father as well. Upon termination of the birth parents’ rights, you will have responsibility for the child and will be appointed as a conservator, or legal guardian of the child.

The adoption will not become final until six months after the child has been living with you, and the court will require some other documents from you such as a criminal background check and a home study performed by a social worker.

We Can Help You

All of these processes can be much smoother with the assistance of the adoption lawyers in Austin at Merritt Law. We can make sure each step is followed to make your adoption as easy as possible while still fulfilling all the requirements for validity. The adoption of a child is a commitment for life, and there is no reason not to have quality legal representation to assist you. Please contact our adoption lawyers in Austin so that we can advise you on how to begin your adoption today.