I See the Warning Signs of Parental Alienation in My Austin, Texas Custody Case – What Can I Do?

parental-alienation-warning-signsIn an earlier blog post we provided a list of some of the warning signs of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). As a concerned and loving parent it is important that if you parental alienation warning signs that you contact an experienced family lawyer in Austin, Texas who has dealt with these types of cases. In addition to contacting an experienced lawyer, we are often asked is there anything that a dad or mom can do to fight this.

Suggested Actions for Parents

The reality is that being the victim or parental alienation syndrome can occur quickly and without warning. One day you and your son or daughter are laughing and having fun and the next day they are withdrawn and angry toward you for no apparent reason. In addition to contacting a lawyer, the following are some things that experts in this filed have suggested that you as a loving parent can do when faced with this problem:

  • Try to control your anger. Stay calm and in control of your own behavior.
  • Keep a log of events as they happen, describing in detail what happened and when.
  • Always call or pick up your child as scheduled, even when you know the child won’t be available or refuses to leave with you to visit. This can be painful, but you must be able to document to the court that you tried to see your child and were refused.
  • During time spent with your child, focus on positive activities. Reminisce with your child about the good times you had together.
  • Never discuss the court case with your child.
  • Try not to argue with or be defensive with your child. Talk openly about what your child is actually seeing and feeling, as opposed to what the child has been told by the other parent to be the truth.
  • Work on improving your parenting skills by taking parenting courses, reading parenting books, etc., so that you can be the best possible parent to your child.
  • If possible get counseling for your child, preferably with a therapist trained to recognize and treat parental alienation syndrome. If it’s not possible to get your child into counseling, go to counseling yourself to learn how to react to and counteract the problem.
  • Don’t do anything to violate any court orders or otherwise be an undesirable parent. Pay your child support on time. Fulfill all your parenting obligations to the letter.
  • Don’t react to the alienating behavior by engaging in alienating behavior toward your ex. This just makes things worse and further harms your child.
  • If you’re not getting court-ordered time with your child, go back to court and ask that the parent violating the court order be held in contempt of court. The sooner you contact the court about the violation of the court order, the more likely it is that the problem can be stopped before it becomes permanent and irreversible. If your custody order isn’t specific as to exact times and dates you’re to be with the child, ask the court to make the order very specific so that there’s no doubt about what is required.
  • Try to support and not blame your child. Your child didn’t create the situation and desperately needs your love and affection.

As a parent you need to act. Parental Alienation Syndrome left unchecked can destroy relationships for a lifetime. If this is an issue you need to address it quickly and with professional help.


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