Helpful Hints for Busy Families in Austin, Texas

busy families austin texasHelpful Hints for Busy Families in Austin, Texas

With the start of school it may be time to tweak your family calendaring system to maximize efficiency.  In addition to the normal shared calendars from Google, Apple and Microsoft, here are a few apps and other services to aid your family in getting and staying organized for the Austin, Texas school year:

1.    Cozi Family Organizer (free or paid; Apple, Android) – Using this app is an easy way to see where kids are now and where they need to be later in the day or week.  Each family is assigned a specific color and you can import your google calendar to sync up all of your obligations.  Lastly, shared to-do lists help your family make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

2.    Kidorganizer ($; Apple) – Great for divorced parents who share child custody.  This app lets dad and mom calendar custody-transfer dates and other important child-related events such as recitals, doctor’s appointments, school plays and soccer games.  It also allows each parent to tabulate any shared expenses per their court order or other agreement such extra-curricular costs or out-of-pocket medical.

3.    FamilyWall (free; Apple, Android) – This tool lets kids keep track of calendaring too.  A great option for parents who work outside the home, its check-in function lets little ones post their location that then pops up as a notification on your phone.  The app acts like a Facebook page only the family can access, so everyone should feel comfortable using the platform.  Family members may also post calendars, add reminders before important events and share pictures privately.

4.    Chore Monster (website or free Android/Apple app) and My Job Chart (free; Android, Apple) – These apps turn dreaded chores like taking out trash, doing the dishes or finishing homework into games.  On Chore Monster kids earn points either for custom prizes that parents offer (trip to the movies, mini-golf outing or even cash) or for tickets to play games in the on-line Monstier Carnival.  My Job Chart allows kids to earn points for tasks (one point equals one penny) and then redeem them in one of three ways.  Kids can withdraw from the account (funded by parents), donate money to a charity or make a purchase at Amazon.  Kids can take ownership of completing their chores with little nagging from mom and dad.  It’s a win-win!

5.    momAgenda ( – For those of you who prefer to organize life the old-school way, momAgenda offers several products to help make your family life run smoother.   From three different types of day planners to grocery list, meal planner and babysitter info notepads they have thought of everything moms (and dads!) need to keep things in order.

6.    OurFamilyWizard ($; website) – A program that allows divorced parents to input calendars, expenses and notes for the other parent to see and stay informed on the child’s life.  This tool also allows the children to sign up an account to keep aware of the calendar, but not the notes between parents.

Whether you use one or a combination of the above hints, we hope your family has great start to the new school year.



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