March 17, 2020

Dear Friends:

Given the recent uncertainty in each of our lives caused by the Covid-19 virus, I wanted to take a moment to answer some questions and explain where I am at this point. 

We Are Open – If you want to have a consultation for a new case or to talk about your current case, we are open and would love to talk.  

To Our Clients – We are here for you.  You are welcome and even encouraged to contact us by phone, email or even video conferencing during regular hours.  Over the last few years, when dealing with my ailing father, I researched and began utilizing technology that allowed me to continue to practice law and help clients regardless of where I was located.  This ability allows me to continue to serve you as we all go through the ever-changing landscape of our lives in this turbulent time.  Even if we are ordered to stay at home, there will be no interruption. Please do not hesitate to reach out or feel like you are bothering me.  

Your Case – As you can tell from every news cycle, each county is doing their best and adjusting to the latest news and suggestions from medical professionals.  We will continue to work on your case and utilize every possible means to move your case forward.  Some options include informal settlement and mediation. As you may know, many of the courts are only dealing with emergencies and continuing all other matters for now.  If yours is one of these matters that gets continued, we will be reaching out to you and working with you to figure out the next steps. 

To Prospective Clients – We are here for you. If you want to talk about a possible divorce or custody case, we can schedule a consultation by phone or video.  We have the ability to discuss what is going on in your life and give you advice based on the current situations.  There are no prohibitions for filing for divorces and since most divorces average between six to nine months from start to finish, it is hopeful that some things will have returned back to normal by then.  

In the near future, I will be working on posting some updates on both the website and may even try my hand at some videos on YouTube to answer more questions and keep everyone abreast of the changes.  Please keep a lookout for those if you are interested. 

We will get through this together.  It is in this time, when each of us is making sacrifices for the greater good, for the person that we may not know, that our true spirit and resolve will come through.  There are not people who I would rather go through these trying times than each of you. I am proud to call you all friends. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Chris Merritt